5 good reasons to daydream

When our thoughts escape our will, they begin to wander, to explore unsuspected territories in us. Let's cultivate these enchanted parentheses of daydreaming: they will only enrich us! Continue reading

Kate Middleton and her peculiar beauty secret

The women are always looking for new tricks of beauty, especially if you tend to be curious and unique. In that sense, Kate Middleton's specialist in cosmetic treatments, made public the secret for the Duchess of Cambridge to look spectacular. Continue reading

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5 things that make you feel more attractive

You can be a weapon of seduction, you just need to know some secrets that will boost your self-esteem. Next, we tell you what they are. Continue reading

Get cover your tired face in just 3 minutes

Do you want to have a good face every day? It is not necessary that you carry makeup, or spend half an hour in front of the mirror without knowing what to do. You just need to learn some tricks that will make your life easier. Continue reading

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5 tricks that you must know to have perfect eyebrows

All women long to have perfect and well-defined eyebrows, and the rule to achieve this is to always look as natural as possible. Continue reading

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How to make a nutritious and home-made hair serum

What is the serum? For a waxy substance with a high concentration of active ingredients, a texture lighter than cream and softer than a gel. This product is suitable for any woman over 30 years old. Continue reading

Tips to keep your hair healthy

All women want to have a beautiful, abundant and especially healthy hair to wear at any time. For this reason, we present you these simple and practical tips that you must follow: Continue reading

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Rules of the protocol around the royal baby of England

Kate Middleton is pregnant again and already, rumors about the future royal baby are starting to circulate. But do you know that many traditions surround the children of the Royal Family of England? The opportunity to look into it with a little more attention. Continue reading

Katy Perry speaks openly about her sexuality

Yes, she 'kissed a girl' and did much more ... Continue reading

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The 8 strengths of the apple

It is the symbol fruit of the diet. And for good reason ! Nutritionists praise his virtues as health as slimming. Discover all the reasons to eat. Continue reading

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