8 mistakes that you should avoid to makeup eyes

8 mistakes that you should avoid to makeup eyes

If you are a beauty addict , surely you love to try and have fun combining different products. Getting an impact look is not too difficult, but there are some mistakes that many of us often make and that we should avoid when it comes to makeup.

1. Smoked Mistakes

Jennifer Lawrence loves to play with makeup and usually surprised us with her looks , but in this case we have to give her a 'suspense'. The actress of the Hunger Games did not succeed with this smoky black because it was too excessive. It had precisely the opposite effect and his eyes seemed much smaller.
Liner Down

2. Liner Down

Camilla Belle has committed one of the most common mistakes in making us an eyeliner , and is not to raise the corner to the end of the eye. Remember that if you want to achieve a perfect result , one of the most important rules to keep in mind is that you do not forget to lengthen the liner to the brow. Thus, you will get an optical effect with which your look will be much more open.
Exceed the Makeup

3. Exceed the Makeup

False eyelashes, mascara, dark shadows ... It's too much, do not you think? There are times when we want to look so perfect, we end up putting all the products and act like actress Ashley Greene, who has 'sin' of excess and has made her eyes look much smaller, rather than enlarge them, surely is what he intended. Remember, the key is to know how to combine the products in the right way and not fall into the mistake of thinking that, because you put them all, the results will be better.
Less is More

4. Less is More

We always say that, when it comes to makeup, it is best to focus the entire focus on a particular area. That is, before you start to make your beauty look decide if you are going to give all the protagonism to your look or your lips. That is to say, that if you are going to decantarte for a lip of a very intense color, maquilles your eyes of a more discrete way, and vice versa. In the image we have Ursula Corberó, who not only exceeded the blue shadows (we believe that it is not a color that favors much), but also made up her eyebrows a lot and used an intense burgundy bar. As if all that was not enough, he also risked his hair, wearing a wet effect with the stripe on one side and a little tupé.
Entry of the Look

5. Entry of the Look

Do you want to decent for a soft and natural makeup? Perfect! But be careful and do not make the mistake of actress Jaime King, who has made her eyes with very clear colors and has put too much product in the line of the lower eyelashes, so she does not stylize her look but it seems more sad.
Eyeliner too Big

6. Eyeliner too Big

The liner is one of the easiest 'tricks' to lengthen the look in a matter of seconds, however, it is also very easy to lose your makeup if you do not know how to do it correctly. The way in which Olympia has made Greece is not the most advisable precisely because of that, because it has made the line too thick, it 'attaches' to your mobile eyelid and gets the opposite effect, which is to make the eyes smaller and sadden them. Remember that the stripe must be from thinner to thicker and end up raising the corner at the end of the eye.
Do Not Use This Infalible Trick

7. Do Not Use This Infalible Trick

We love the make-up that Vanessa Hudgens chose, but there is something that has forgotten the actress and singer. What is it about? If you are going to resort to a make-up as striking as this one, combining different colors of shadows up and down, we recommend that you do not profile all the black eye but in the lower water line, use an eye pencil in a cream tone or béis, because this way you will be able to enlarge your look much more.
Caution with Cliear Tones

8. Caution with Cliear Tones

If you happen to actress Kate Bosworth who, in addition to having clear eyes, also have a pale complexion, you must be careful when choosing the color range of your shadows. In your case, we believe that it has not hit the yellow color and should have resorted to a darker shade to make up the area of ​​the banana and form the famous 'v' of the eyelid with which it would have extended its look more.

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