Make-up in hot weather
Opt for neutral tones that highlight your beauty without making you look too make-up

Make-up in hot weather

Tips to keep your skin well looked after and look good.

It's hot, there's no doubt about that. But that should not be an impediment to you showing yourself to the world as you like to be seen. If you are one of those who, despite the weather and the lack of basic services, can not and will not stop making up, then you will find some tips to see you well without compromising the health of your skin.

Lower the tone

After so many days without light, without water and suffering the ravages of the cyclone, maybe one of these days you wake up wanting to give your best face and, even in the dark, you decide to make up. When this happens, opt for neutral tones that highlight your beauty without making you look too make-up. The reason? When you begin to sweat the makeup begins to "melt" and maybe that red lipstick or that black eyeliner that you got so early in the morning, makes you look like a Halloween mask in the midday heat.


Protects the skin

Have you noticed that many people look more tan these days? Not that they went to the beach, but have been in long lines to look for basic supplies or cleaning the surroundings of their homes. 


Let the skin breathe

When you are in a hot and humid environment, sweat squirting is the most normal. Therefore, it is best to use lighter products. Instead of base, maybe you can opt for a CC Cream, BB Cream or moisturizer with dye. Either of these formulas gives you light coverage without clogging your pores. In addition, these formulas tend to give you the benefit of sunscreen, so necessary these days.


Goodbye to fat

In most cases when women touch up during the day, they apply layers of makeup over makeup that already had grease and sweat. It is important to remove toxins from the skin before retouching. "The correct way to touch up makeup is not applying more powder, but removing the grease with some tissue paper (blotting paper) or those that come with rice powder. This makes the face look less shiny and natural. 


Take care of your utensils

Sweat and moisture make your skin more exposed to fungi and bacteria. Therefore, you should intensify the cleaning of the brushes and sponges that you use. Try to wash the brushes once or twice a week with an antibacterial soap or a special solution for that purpose. 


Clean the face well

Even in times of water shortage you should not neglect your routine of cleansing the skin. At this time, one of the most effective formulas is micellar water. "It is a product that at the same time that we remove makeup, cleans and tones our skin. 

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